I4 and I75 Billboards Installed & Paid For By MD4MM Doctors. From The Very Beginning We Fought For Medical Marijuana.

The State of Florida legislature in a special session (held last week) passed a new Medical Marijuana bill that now heads to Governor Scott, the Governor has stated he will sign bill into law.

This law will be the most restrictive medical marijuana bill in the United States. It will end up in the courts but that will take many months.

While the law will do away with the 90 day wait period and will allow patients to get 30 weeks of medication at a time which in turn does away with the 90 day physician follow ups saving the patient significant money (I have no doubt some doctors will still require you to come in every 90 days) – scummy legislators and now you will see how scummy some physicians are, advocates for your money.


The new highly restrictive law puts clinics between a rock and hard place by creating substantial professional liability for the treating physician. After conversations with legal counsel we have come to realize that this liability is too great to continue treating current patients therefore we will not take the next step of ordering Medication for patients. We must stop the process immediately as the ordering process is when the liabilities become reality.

MD4MM will provide you with all your medical records that we have in your chart – Please call and make arrangements to stop in for them.

MD4MM will put together a refund policy, details will follow.

We apologize about all this but no one ever thought that our state government would go against the will of the people and put forth legislation that spits on the amendment.

We are sure there will be some physicians who will move ahead in treating but those that are smarter will take our position. Risking your medical license is just not worth it.

ID Cards Remains Valid:

The ID card is not physician specific - we will deactivate card online and new physician can reactivate it online. Just that simple.

Refund Policy
MD4MM will refund 50% ($62.50) of your initial exam fee. Checks will begin going out the week of June 19th and all should have refunds by July 19th.

Reminder: your ID applications and cards are unaffected and remain valid but inactive, the ID is reactivated by your new physician. The governor is expected to sign bill ending 90 day wait by June 21st or sooner.Medical

Marijuana Authorized Physicians:
Click on this link for list of approved physicians.